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Skills: Wig Maintenance, Steaming, Ironing, Wardrobe Paperwork Creation, Quick Change Choreography, Wardrobe Supervision, Volunteer Management

Evita at PHAMALY Theatre Company

For Phamaly Theatre Company's production of Evita, I acted as the Wardrobe Supervisor with a crew of about 20 volunteers, 4 of whom were available every night of the show. This meant that the wardrobe tracks needed to be easy to follow for a volunteer whose background was not theatre. Explaining the duties and importance of a wardrobe crew member to a group of 20, relatively inexperienced, volunteers proved to be a blessing in disguise. May of them were long-time supporters of the company, and so they appreciated and understood the storytelling that happens onstage. However, what they didn't realize until they worked wardrobe, was the vast network of storytelling that happens backstage to ensure that the performers have everything necessary for the narrative being woven together for the audience.

Evita Presets Check

Evita Abby

(Quick Change) Track

Evita General Wardrobe Tracks

Evita Master

Wardrobe Track

Jenna Bainbridge as Eva Duarte Peron, and Leonard Barrett as Juan Peron in PHAMALY Theatre Company's 2016 Production of Evita. 

Other Wardrobe Paperwork Samples

Reefer Madness

Wardrobe Tracks

BOY Wardrobe Check-In Sheet

BOY Wardrobe Track

Little Shop of Horrors Wardrobe Run Sheet

Ubu Roi

Wardrobe Presets

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